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Search engine marketing to some is just marketing your business online, through the major search engines. We take SEM beyond "new visibility", we seek dominance in the search engines for our clients.

Once you obtain organic search engine placement, the next best thing is to multiply it and get multiple listings on the front page. Besides the two maximum that you will sometimes see for any one URL, the only way to get more listings is by creating more optimized websites with unique URLs! Think about it this way, each time you are on the front page, that's one more competitor you push down to the 2nd page, and each additional listing is increasing your chances to get clicked on.

According to an independent study, you have a 70% greater chance to get a click through to your site if you have a 2nd listing. They didn't research a 3rd or 4th listing but again, think about pushing your competition down off the front page. Go to Google and type into the search box, Novi Paper Shredding. Our client has their main URL ( and a secondary site ( listed on the front page of Google. Beginning with our Level 10 Plan and above, all of these levels of service include the SEM component of multiple sites. Searching UAV Recruiter in Google will reveal another example for and

There are only 10 listings on the front page; if dominance in your market is what you are seeking, do it the proper way, the only way accepted by the search engines and launch new, optimized websites! Contact us and see how affordable SEM can be for your company!

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PPC Management Services          back

Whether your PPC campaign is already up and running or you need to create one, the experts at Place My Business can assist you. We have a 100% successful track record in "optimizing" your Google PPC campaign. Typically, our clients see 20-30% more clicks for their same budget; OR, clients can save 20-30% in cost and get the same number of clicks to their site.

We are strong proponents of organic placement but depending on several factors like education level of your client base and gender, PPC can be a successful endeavor. College graduates and those with Masters degrees are less likely to click on the ads; women are even less likely to click on the ads. If you just look at the averages, 20% of Google visitors will click one of the "Ads" up at the top of the page IF all 4 exist and 3 ads exist at the bottom. In February of 2016, Google eliminated the ads on the right margin due them rarely being clicked on.

It's been said that as many as 80% of Google PPC campaigns don't see a return on investment for the company running the ads. This is due to someone not knowing how to properly setup the campaign. A campaign that has been properly setup will provide a return on investment. That said, our track record shows we consistently deliver organic visitors at a fraction of the cost of a "paid" visitor.

There is something to be said for being all over the page! If you want multiple listings on the home page, we encourage you to look at our SEM page. If your budget does not allow you to go the SEM route, then consider launching a Google PPC campaign. It offers immediate results!

Our fees to establish and manage a Google PPC campaign are $1.00 per keyword to establish an optimized campaign and 20% of the approved monthly allowance ongoing. Our expertise will cover your monthly fee so basically, you get our service for free!

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Social Media Links          back

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc are becoming more and more a part of our lives. Facebook is THE most visited website in the world! If you don't have these social media links, you're missing out on traffic to your site.

Let the experts at Place My Business help you setup these valuable social media links. Having these prominent sites link back to your site, helps your relevance to the search engine crawlers. The search engines know the value of site owners being involved with social media outlets, especially blogs. Facebook is essentially a blog, it has posts and comments!

We can easily build you a WordPress blog as well that you or someone on your staff can maintain. If you do not have someone available to do this for you, we offer social media management services and can do it for you. You will be rewarded with higher search engine placement and additional traffic to your site if you participate in social media websites. The cost is minimal and the return is tremendous. Contact us for more details!

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Social Media Management          back

You've decided to jump into the blog world or you've launched a Facebook page because they are taking over social media single-handedly and now you realize you don't have time to keep up. You know it's important to post fairly frequently (and it is) but you don't have the time to maintain it all yourself. If you don't participate in your blog or your Facebook page (just a blog at heart) with regular posts, you will not be rewarded like you could be by the search engines.

You probably started your blog or corporate Facebook page to gain visibility for your business. You were absolutely right to do that but if you don't tend to it, just like your lawn, it will die an ugly death!

We have skilled copywriters on staff at Place My Business that provide social media management services. Let us write your articles and posts at your direction and relieve you of that duty. The cost for this service is surprisingly low and we operate at your direction. We will be happy to show you examples of articles, press releases and posts we have provided for other clients. Get the most out of your blog by keeping it active! We are ready to help you today and show you the real value a well written blog can be to your business!

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